Alan Christiansen has worked with dogs and studied canine behavior for more than 25 years. Whether your dog is experiencing seperation anxiety, showing aggressive tendancies, or making too many of his own decisions, Alan’s unique program offers a careful combination of obedience training, behavior modification and compassion.

Training your dog presents a new set of challenges, and Alan will customize a program of private lessons just for you and your canine companion. He has a special pride in his work, a respect for each dog trained, which is evident in his successes. Through positive reinforcement and consistency, you will see a wonderful improvement in your dog’s behavior and your relationship with him. Your bond will be stronger - your canine friend happier.

In addition to achieving status as a master dog trainer, he continues to hone his skills and increase knowledge of new techniques by attending regional training seminars and on-going reading and study. He has successfully worked with a number of physically challenged dog owners, an experience that has proven to be very rewarding. Recently, he participated in a pilot program with the U.S. Post Office/Queens branches to educate letter carriers with respect to prevention of dangerous confrontations with aggressive dogs and avoiding bites.