Praise, patience & positive reinforcement enhance your dog's willingness to repeat a command. Dogs, like humans, are more likely to repeat a behavior if there is something in it for them (pay), and it gets the desired reaction. We get paid for work. No work, no pay. We train your dog to expect the same.

By the use of positive reinforcement (pay), treats, praise & petting, we increase your dog's willingness to work. Nothing is free. Our training method takes full advantage of this.

We use only a flat collar or harness and consistency -
we don't employ the use of electrical collars, prong or choke collars - our training promotes fine canine companions.

At-Home Training:
Puppy Evaluation and Consultation
Basic Obedience
- heel, sit-stay, come, down, down-stay, no and okay.
Intermediate - hand signals only.
Problem Solving - e.g., barking, chewing, jumping up, running to the door, aggression / fear aggression, housebreaking.
Behavior Modification - overcoming shyness, seperation anxiety, phobias, achieving socialization, confidence building.

TODAY to build a confident, skilled doggy companion!.